Team TUCCi’s Top 10 Successes of 2020

When we first learned in March that COVID-19 would keep us and most of our clients at home… we suddenly realized we were ready!

Tucci Learning Solutions and the Competent Learner Model learned how to manage and move forward with the challenge presented. We were ready. We adapted. We can move forward with confidence now. Thanks to each of you for bringing CARE and skill and collaboration to fruition. Below are Team TUCCi’s Top 10 successes of 2020:

1. Staff who provided in-person services did an awesome job of following safety guidelines, making working during a pandemic as safe as possible.

2. Started the Maxstar Project in China.

3. The determined Chinese translation team continued this difficult task throughout the year.

4. Conducted CLM Coach in Training MasterClasses (in-house).

5. Teams and office staff mastered Zoom for instruction, coaching, and meetings.

6. Figured out a new balance of working from home and family life… still a work in-progress!

7Problem solved the various technical insurance requirements for successful TeleHealth services and TeleHealth billing.

8. Expanded implementation of precision teaching and fluency instruction.

9. Increased utilization of CLMMIS for program development and monitoring.

10. We now have 3 clinical directors instead of two: Christina Lovaas, Maribel Stikeleather, and Deena Hilmanofski.

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Anne Wormald Running a Lesson With Her Learner

Anne Wormald is a BCBA at Tucci Learning Solutions.  Anne is visiting her parents in Canada.  Anne is running a virtual lesson with her learner along with Hailey Popma who is a Behavior Specialist in Santa Cruz County in California. 

The learner told Anne how many snowballs to make if each one needed to be bigger or smaller than the last, and in which order they went. Then he told her what parts it needed, how many, and where they went. 

Next, they told him the snowman was lost and that they needed an address and phone number for USPS to get him home. Once he was home, Hailey had the learner make him a name tag, and the learner practiced sounding out the letters and writing them as well as his address and phone number so the snowman wouldn’t get lost again.

This is an awesome example of making learning fun during virtual instruction.  Way to go Anne and Hailey!

Anne Wormald, M.ADS, BCBA, Tucci Learning Solutions, Inc.

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Congratulations Maria Bravo – 20 Year Service Milestone Recognition

TUCCi Learning Solutions is excited to recognize Maria Bravo for her 20 years of service!

Maria Bravo is a Registered Behavior Technician and Coordinator of Services in the Monterey region. She started her employment with TUCCI on November 1st, 2000. Over the years, Maria has shared her wealth of knowledge and expertise with TUCCi colleagues and the families she has served. Maria’s kindness and patience has made her successful with the most challenging learners. We are very proud of Maria and wish her many more great years to come!


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We Are Hiring!

TUCCi Learning Solutions is in need of new hires! Please help us spread the word to recruit and help our company grow. All staffing needs are for in-person services. Santa Clara region: needs full-time Behavior Specialists and a full-time BCBA

Santa Cruz region: needs full-time and part-time Behavior Specialists

Tuolumne region: needs full-time and part-time Behavior Specialists

Please apply here: JOIN OUR TEAM

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