It should come as no surprise that some health plans are funding some serious opposition to the passage of SB 946. They have been vigorously urging Gov. Brown to veto SB 946.

Each one of us must act now to make sure that mandated coverage of ABA treatment by qualified autism providers including Board Certified Behavior Analysts becomes law. The voices of committed, competent ABA providers, passionate parents, and informed public policy makers must be heard. This means YOU.

Express your support for SB 946 today. It is vital to securing the Governor's signature BEFORE OCTOBER 9, 2011. PLEASE CLICK HERE.

This web site will enable you to phone, fax or email the Governor's office.

If you are using the email option:

  1. Please select the "Have Comment" button.

  2. Next (from the subject "drop-down" menu - 4th line down) scroll *All* the way down (almost to the bottom) and select "SB00946\Health care coverage: ..."

  3. After you click "Continue" your comments can be very brief such as, "Dear Governor Brown, SB 946 is an important measure that will improve the lives of countless Californians. Having the health plans do their fair share is good medicine and good public policy. I hope that you will sign this landmark legislation. Sincerely, [Your Name and other appropriate contact info.]".

In addition, please consider posting this on information on your website and forwarding to other interested individuals and organizations. Contact [email protected] for information or assistance.