Let the photos continue to tell us about last week’s 2022 CLM Conference in Clarion, Pennsylvania.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the final photos! 🙂


Team TUCCi has been informing employees about the opportunity to take coursework for BCaBA and BCBA certification at Clarion University. The coursework integrates the CLM. The CLM is based on collaboration and Team TUCCi is lucky enough to collaborate with Dr. Cristin Leahy, Assistant Professor, who oversees and instructs the classes.

Pictured are Cynthia Valencia (Regional Coordinator for South Monterey region), Kristen Wood (Program Manager), Dr. Leahy and Rae-Ann Arevalo (Director of Staff Development).
Yvonne Su (BCBA), Cynthia Valencia (BA in Training) and Maribel Castillo Stikeleather (Cynthia’s supervising BCBA) had the opportunity to catch up at the CLM conference. Cynthia completed her coursework to become a BCaBA with Maribel through Maribel’s company called BTS: Behavior Teaching Solutions that is based in the Philippines. Maribel was the Monterey region’s Clinical Director before moving to Florida.
Adam Hockman (center) presented a session titled, ‘ Fluency & Beyond – The Role of Standard Celeration Charts in CLM Programming & Implementation. The attendees of this session left with a list of action items.
Adam Peal (center), Founder & Executive Director, The Walden Learning Collective Co-Founder, The Behavioral Education Research Initiative (BERI) is bringing his expertise in Precision Teaching to the Fluency FlashCard App and consulting with the developers of this app and Vicci Tucci.
Many virtual meetings, virtual training sessions and emails have occurred between these four people during the pandemic. It was wonderful to talk and laugh in person. Pictured are Kristen Wood , Dr, Kristina Zaccaria (CLM Center of Excellence), Rae-Ann Arevalo and Dr. Cathy Scutta (CLM Center of Excellence). Play, Learn & Achieve!

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