That’s a wrap! This time, let’s see how our amazing TUCCi team participated in the CLM Conference. 🙂


Tucci Learning Solutions was excited to present ‘ Developing In-House Capacity : CLM Leadership & Coaching’ at last week’s CLM conference.
Rae-Ann Arevalo explained the supportive past, present and future at Tucci Learning Solutions and how implementation science and conscious leadership are used to design coaching and leadership opportunities.
Maribel Castillo Stikeleather, shared her international experience of being a CLM Certified Coach and Certified Coordinator as well as the importance of a meaningful coaching relationship.
Yvonne Su detailed her experience as a new CLMer and a future CLM Certified Coach.
Team TUCCi leaving the conference as happy campers. Lots of playing, learning and achieving with wonderful people.

Kristen Wood, Cynthia Valencia, Rae-Ann Arevalo & Yvonne Su

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