Be sure to register for workshops for the 42nd Annual Convention! Today’s workshop in focus:

“Designing Classroom Environments to Produce Generative Behavior” presented by Kent Johnson (Morningside Academy) and Vicci Tucci (Tucci Learning Solutions, Inc.)

Description: Educators cannot possibly teach to fluency everything that needs to be learned with explicit instruction and practice. Effective, independent adults must learn how to learn without teachers and instruction–they must demonstrate generativity, the emergence of complex behavioral repertoires, without explicit instruction. People must engage in behaviors they’ve learned in instruction in a wider variety of contexts than the classroom. They must also engage in novel, untaught blends and re-combinations of behavior that they learned in school, in the context of new stimuli not encountered in classrooms. In this workshop participants will examine two instructional models that promote generativity: the Morningside Model of Generative Instruction (MMGI) for typical and near-typical learners and the Competent Learner Model (CLM) for learners with autism and developmental disabilities. Participants will also design MMGI and CLM-based classroom environments to produce application and contingency adduction.

PSY/BACB continuing education credit will be available for this workshop.

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