Anne Wormald is a BCBA at Tucci Learning Solutions.  Anne is visiting her parents in Canada.  Anne is running a virtual lesson with her learner along with Hailey Popma who is a Behavior Specialist in Santa Cruz County in California. 

The learner told Anne how many snowballs to make if each one needed to be bigger or smaller than the last, and in which order they went. Then he told her what parts it needed, how many, and where they went. 

Next, they told him the snowman was lost and that they needed an address and phone number for USPS to get him home. Once he was home, Hailey had the learner make him a name tag, and the learner practiced sounding out the letters and writing them as well as his address and phone number so the snowman wouldn’t get lost again.

This is an awesome example of making learning fun during virtual instruction.  Way to go Anne and Hailey!

Anne Wormald, M.ADS, BCBA, Tucci Learning Solutions, Inc.

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