Thomas’s Mother, Kimi Villalobos wrote the following comments about Tucci Learning Solutions’ Staff about their delivery of the CLM: “Vero Nica, Kelly Jo Schwisow-Nease, Rachel Tololi, Vicci Tucci, Ronette Parker, Kim Tankersley, Cherie Francek Gill,Tina Gularte, David Peasley and so many more, supported and helped him succeed. When entering kindergarten we were told he wouldn’t accomplish this. It was all of you believing in him that made this happen”

“He is a perfect example of a learner who learned to excel, and became a competent learner, due to your wonderful program! I will never be able to express in words how grateful I am to you. It’s why I’m so passionate about our work, I know it works and have seen it happen in not only Thomas but so many other learners as well! Thank you for always supporting us!”

“I also wanted to tell you how many of the other kids at graduation came up to him and wanted pictures with him. He had so many “typical” kids who accepted and supported him throughout his school years and, really like him! It was heartwarming to see. Again, I thank you!”

Thomas Graduation2 - 1

Kimi Villalobos & her son Thomas Villalobos

Thomas & Rachel

Thomas Villalobos & Rachel Tololi, CLM Coordinator

Thomas Graduation - 1

Thomas Villalobos on his graduation day.


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