We are happy to announce the CLM is featured in this new textbook from Sloan Publishing – Behavior Analysis for Lasting Change. Not only is the CLM talked about within the text, but the on-line supplemental video materials included with the textbook purchase features some of the video examples included in our CLM Course of Study. Special thanks to G. Roy Mayer for his contributions to the foundations of the CLM and for including us in this most prestigious publication.

Sloan Publishing is proud to announce the publication of Behavior Analysis for Lasting Change, Second Edition by G. Roy Mayer, Beth Sulzer-Azaroff, and Michele Wallace. This comprehensive introduction to the field of behavior analysis has been completely updated and references thousands of scientifically-supported constructive solutions within hundreds of areas of human performance.

Features of Behavior Analysis for Lasting Change, 2nd Edition:

· Written by a team of authors who are experienced, accomplished, and well-respected as scientists, scholars, consultants and teachers in the ABA field.

· Includes the BACB Task List and prepares the reader for the BCBA exam. The text covers essentially all current concepts and readies the reader for supervised field application

· Provides adjuncts to accompany and support readers’ mastery of the material in the text, including:

o An instructor’s guide with numerous multiple choice and essay exam items for each chapter
o A student study guide
o Field activities
o An extensive glossary
o A Web-site containing:
o written supplementary illustrations and examples
o video illustrations
o a discussion board

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