Are you planning to take the CiT Masterclass this year through the CLM Center of Excellence? The dates are quickly approaching! Don’t forget to register!

The CLM CiT MasterClass is a REQUIRED one-year course designed to standardize the content and competency-based experiences to prepare all CLM Coaches-in-Training. Verification of the completion of this content is now a required component to become a Certified CLM Coach.

The course is offered online through the CLM Center of Excellence University and we must have at least 10 participants to offer the course. All participants are required to attend the online class meetings. The tuition is $1000 for CiTs and can be audited for free by Certified CLM Coaches who function as a Mentor Coach to train other in-house coaches. The course is also built into the CLM License Resource Center to be used by the CLM Licensed Organization’s in-house Certified CLM Coaches to train additional in-house coaches.

Certificates of Attendance, BACB CEU’s and ACT 48 credits offered. Classes are recorded and archived on your CLM Center of Excellence dashboard.

Register at: https://www.clmcenterofexcellence.com/catalog

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So excited about this CLM implementation in Bulgaria!

We start with CLM Teacher Training (Competent Learner Model) – an educational and therapeutic program for children with autism.

Colleagues from the CLM Center of Excellence in California, USA (https://www.clmcenterofexcellence.com) will work with a team of special teachers for three years to implement the program in Bulgaria for the first time.

Specialists from New Bulgarian University also participate to provide training and support to more Bulgarian professionals in the future.

The CLM program is the basis of the classwork with children with special educational needs in the autistic spectrum, starting from September at Primary Progressive School 3-Slatina, Sofia.

Thanks to our special teachers and the parents of the pilot class who trust us with their children!

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