Hip Hip Hooray! Another New RBT – Devin Koehler

Devin joined Team TUCCi in September of 2015.

I am a Coordinator in the new Austin Texas Region and I have been with TUCC for a little over 4 years!

When I have free time I am typically painting, drawing, or making something artsy out of odd mediums. A fun fact about me is that I like watching documentaries about almost anything.

My next professional goal is to complete the CLM Coach Certification process! When I first started with TUCCi, I would have never guessed this journey would have led me here! I have had so much personal and professional growth since working at TUCCi and I am so excited to see what happens next! (So are we Devin!)

– Devin Koehler

Way to be the first TUCCi RBT in Texas!

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Shout Out To Another New RBT – Diana Tenorio

Meet Diana

Before working in education I was pursuing a career in Media Arts and animation but after working in education I shifted my career path and received a degree in Child Development. I’ve been working in special education for about 8 years now.

I enjoy drawing, crafting, and watching movies in my spare time. I also make my own jewelry and enjoy dancing.

I started working with TUCCi in April of 2017 in the Santa Clara region. I appreciate TUCCi and the opportunities they have for professional development. I hope to continue to improve and grow professionally.

– Diana

Thank you Diana for your efforts in completing the RBT training that was offered by Tucci Learning Solutions through the CLM Center of Excellence.

Congratulations on your new professional certification.

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Introducing TUCCi’s New RBT – Maddie Dias

A little information about Maddie….

Before joining TUCCi, I received my degree in Child and Adolescent Development from SJSU and proceeded to work with children for a few years. I did not anticipate that I would work with a wide range and variety of learners with special needs. I certainly would not have if it weren’t for the encouragement I received from a few close friends who thought it was a career path well suited to me and worth pursuing.

I decided to take the plunge and I am very glad that I did. I got a lot out of my time with Tucci Learning Solutions, and I am confident that the knowledge and experience I gained here will serve as an asset for me as I move forward in my professional journey. I hope to soon get into grad school and pursue an MS in Clinical Psychology and become an MFT.

– Maddie Dias

Maddie is a Coordinator in Training in the Santa Clara region. She joined Team Tucci in October, 2016. She completed the RBT training coursework offered by Tucci Learning Solutions by the CLM Center of Excellence.

Congratulations Maddie!

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Pedro Enriquez

Prior to joining TUCCi I was a slimy slug at UCSC where I studied Philosophy. My main interest was in moral development from a mythological perspective, the philosophy of other minds and philosophy as a public good beyond academia.

Working for TUCCI has been the best working experience I’ve ever had in that caring about my learners, helping them progress towards independence and working with a great team are the main ingredients for a fulfilling and fun time.

During my free time you can catch me at the beach, a baseball field, on my bike or playing Super Smash Bro Ultimate.

Pedro is a Coordinator in Training in the Santa Cruz region. He joined Team TUCCi in July, 2018. He participated in the 40 hour RBT training offered by TUCCi through the CLM Center of Excellence.


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