Some Team TUCCi Behavior Specialists in the Monterey region participated in technology training to better prepare themselves to support learners for virtual school cases.

This small training group met in the training room at TUCCi headquarters in Marina, California. This was the first in-person training this summer at HQ due to the pandemic. Usually, the training room is hustling with staff coming and going during summer with fun training sessions! The attendees did a wonderful job respecting the safety of colleagues by practicing social distancing and wearing masks.

Thank you to Karrie Hatfield, Program Coordinator for MPUSD and SCUSD school districts who provided the group with the most up to date information from the districts about virtual support, Kristen Wood and Zachary Tsuchida for assisting attendees and their technology in person and Rae-Ann Arevalo, for facilitating the training from a remote location.

Two more technology training sessions are scheduled for this week. One is for Behavior Specialists in Carmel school district and one is for South County.

This training is offered for all TUCCi regions who are virtually supporting school cases while schools remain closed due to COVID-19.

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What a great first CLM Coaches Network Meeting today!

What a great first CLM Coaches Network Meeting today! It was so great to come together as an international coaches team to support one another, share resources, and problem-solve solutions! CLMers across the world are doing amazing things for kids during this very difficult time! We are looking forward to more coach meetings throughout the year!

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Nicole Cunha – Officially A BCBA!

Congratulations, From Tucci Learning Solutions!

Nicole has worked at Tucci Learning Solutions since May 2014. She started as a Behavior Specialist worked her way to coordination, and has now passed her exam and is officially a BCBA.

Nicole has been an essential member of all the teams she has been on, regardless of her role. She has an innate ability to pair with each of her clients and their families, which has made her loved on her cases. As a member of the Santa Clara region, Nicole is willing to help wherever she is needed. During the pandemic, she has been willing to develop programming for anyone who needed it. She has always been willing to support/cover for staff who go on vacation or who have become sick, as well as offer support to anyone to asked. She is great with both delivering and creating programming and is a wonderful coach to new staff.

Nicole brings a lightheartedness to her cases and finds joy in each of her clients, no matter how difficult the case. She has a clear passion for ABA and it shows in her work.

Congratulations Nicole for passing the BCBA exam. That is a very noteworthy accomplishment.

Team TUCCi appreciates all that you do to support the learners, their families and your teams.

While this Friday is Nicole’s last day with TUCCi, we are very excited for her future!

Nicole is pictured below with her fiancé Billy.

Thank you Nicole.
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Saved the Dates!

Have you Saved the Dates for the 2020-2021 Center of Excellence CLM Webinars?

October 26, 2020 @ 9:00 AM to NOON ET

January 25, 2021 @ 9:00 AM to NOON ET

March 22, 2021 @ 9:00 AM to NOON ET

The CLM Webinars will be held 3 times throughout the 2020-2021 academic year. They are free and are open to all who are interested in the topics. GoToMeeting and Zoom options are available.

We focus on topics relevant to treating and educating individuals with significant learning and behavioral challenges. What professional development topics would you like to see covered this year? Let us know by leaving us your comment!

Certificates of Attendance, BACB CEU’s and ACT 48 credits offered.

Topics to be announced. Webinars are recorded and archived on your CLM Center of Excellence dashboard.

#competentlearnermodelsystem #clmcenterofexcellence Cathy Scutta

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