The Monterey County Weekly has an excellent article in this weeks edition. The author did a great job pointing out the positive contribution the CLM has made to Monterey county classrooms. You can read a small excerpt below.

About six years ago, Katie (not her real name), who is autistic, couldn’t read “Don’t Walk.” Her mom worried she’d never develop basic comprehension to keep her safe while crossing the street.

“She was using some of the best curricula out there, and yet she still wasn’t mastering it,” remembers Colleen Davis, a Monterey County Office of Education board-certified behavior analyst.

Katie’s now in high school. She’s got a date for the prom. And not only can she read and understand street signs, “she is texting up a storm,” Davis says.

Katie’s transformation didn’t happen overnight. It was a slow process – but a major victory and one that Davis and others say was brought about by an approach to autism education developed by a Watsonville company, Tucci Learning Solutions, called the Competent Learner Model.

Thanks to all the Tucci and MCOE staff that have worked hard to implement the CLM. It’s nice to see a little positive press and recognition for all your effort.

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