Many articles have been published in UAE celebrating the recent CLM Accreditation at the Future Centre for Special Needs. Here’s an excerpt from an article featured in Abu Dhabi’s weekly magazine,

Future Centre earns CLM accreditation
Wednesday, 16 June 2010 12:56

The Future Centre for Special Needs has become the only institution in the region to have achieved the prestigious CLM accreditation.

In a ceremony held at his private majlis, HH Sheikh Nayhan al Mubarak al Nahyan accepted the official certificate of CLM accreditation on behalf of the organisation of which he is honorary president. The certificate was presented by the founder of the Competent Learner Model (CLM) programme, Ms Vicci Tucci of Tucci Learning Solutions California, who completed her final inspection of the Future Centre last week.

Designed to bridge the perceived gap between Applied Behaviour Analysis and special education, the lesson plans contained within the CLM programme are structured to facilitate children’s ability to listen, observe, read, write, talk, problem solve and participate. The accreditation also allows the experts at the Future Centre to train and coach others in CLM, including parents and home care givers.

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