WVU and CLM have come together to produce the poster titled, “The Impact of the Competent Learner Model on the GARS, Vineland, and PLS Outcomes for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder” being presented at the upcoming AUCD Conference December 2-5 in Washington D.C.

Kudos to Dr. Dan Hursh at WVU for taking the lead on getting CLM Research conducted in addition to all the articles and presentations has has contributed to over the years. It is much appreciated that students at WVU are so involved in carrying out the research projects as well as re-developing CLM Products for General Education Learners. My hats is off to you!

Special thanks to Dana Cihelkova for thinking of submitting this valuable research to AUCD plus all the work that she did in analyzing the data from Vista School in PA. Also, a very special “shout out” to the Vista Director, Kirsten Yurich, who made all of these significant results come about under her leadership as well as her staff members who did all the hard work. Also, I want to recognize Cathy Scutta who has been the supervising Certified CLM Coach at The Vista School for many, many years. Thanks to all of you!


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