We are proud to share with you once again the athletic progress of one of our CLM graduate who has shined like a real star throughout the CLM Course. Vincent Ravalin participated this season on a little fundraiser cross country run to raise a little money for his Carmel High School Cross Country team.

Since it’s Cross Country they run their home practice course at Garland Ranch Regional Park off Carmel Valley Road.  They ran for an hour and Vincent completed 8+miles with hills included.  When his mom, Laura Ravalin, asked him, “why didn’t you run the flat Loopine Loop route?” he said, “Mom, I needed to work my legs to build endurance.”  He’s such a hard worker in everything he does.  “It’s wonderful to watch him mature and blossom”, his mom added and according to Mrs. Ravalin, her and Vincent’s dad, both played competitive sports and still play for fun so he has a fire and commitment within that’s innate.  “It’s my job to make sure he enjoys the process and doesn’t take it too seriously”, said Mrs. Ravalin. She also shared with us that another time when practice was cancelled because of rain, Vincent just left on his own and went for a run in a torrential downpour.

Vincent started running at Carmel Middle School in 7th grade with Track and Field.  That turned into running Cross Country in 8th grade as well as Track and Field that year.  His middle school coach was impressed with how much he improved within a year, not only his time, but his maturity.   His coach encouraged Vincent’s parents to have him try out for High School Cross Country.  He even told them that with Vincent’s desire and commitment, he may be running Varsity during his high school years.  Varsity is based solely on time.  So, Vincent’s first 3 mile Cross Country race as a 9th grader was 24:32.  His last race of the season was 21:54.  That’s a 2 minute 38 second improvement from the beginning of the season.  “We’re so proud of his effort and desire to run.  He’s looking forward to Track and Field in the spring”, said Mrs. Ravalin.

Rachel Tololi, Tucci Coordinator who worked closely with Vincent also reports that he is getting straight A’s. All of his teachers report that he’s a “cool kid, pleasure to have in class and a Math genius”.

Great job Vincent! We all feel really proud of your hard work and dedication.



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