Most Friday mornings at Tucci Learning Solutions, a small group of CLM Certified Coaches and Coaches in Training meet to support one another to hone their learning and coaching skills by diving into Coaching Sessions: The Play Learn Achieve Way. This is one of the examples of peer coaching and peer learning that provides immediate feedback as the Competent Learner Model (CLM) is designed to do.

Play Learn AchieveThe latest coaching session’s topics were reviewing the lesson format from the CLM curriculum. We made sure the instructional job aid was written with the format and individualized for the learner and the instruction that was delivered as designed. Supportive feedback was provided to the instructor and some great discussion points were expanded upon.

1) What functional activities could be used for this lesson in the home setting?

Nourish/ Snack time: Instructor puts 4 highly preferred foods, such as Cheerios or berries in a bowl and the learner puts 1 more in the bowl.

Maintain environment/Clean up: The instructor puts 4 pieces of silverware in the dishwasher and the learner puts 1 more in to finish the task.

Entertain/Play: Instructor blows bubbles 4 times and the learner blows 1 time.

2) This lesson focuses on using preferred activities. What instructional materials can be used?

Since this is a lesson that is very early in the CLM curriculum, the instructor would use the learner’s highly preferred items and actions.

3) What tool do we have to find out this information?

The reinforcer survey should be thought of as a working document. CLMers reference reinforcers as potential reinforcers because it is likely that the action or item is not reinforcing to the learner all the time. It’s like being offered your favorite food all the time. Sometimes you just don’t want it and want something else to eat.

CLM practitioners always bring new potential reinforcers into the learning environments and observe how the learner reacts to them. Are they showing interest? Do they reach for the item? Do they want to engage with the item? This is a preference assessment.

Activities, objects, consumables and social interactions are categories in the CLM Reinforcer Survey. Ideally, there would be at least 5 identified potential reinforcers in each category. This increases the likelihood of potential reinforcers having enough value to the learner to reinforce the learner’s participation in their own learning.

Bottom line, a reinforcer survey is a tool to support tracking items that might have been discovered during a more formal preference assessment.

This Friday virtual coaching group’s members are active participants from various locations in California and Hawaii. These staff coaching sessions: the play learn achieve way, are filled with constructive feedback, developing probing questions and having fun while learning. They are fine examples of team members learning together and exemplify the CLM motto of Play Learn Achieve.

Play Learn Achieve

Top left to right: Mayra Meneses (Coach in Training) & Rae-Ann Arevalo (Certified CLM Coach) Bottom left to right: Jessica Katz Rapp (Coach in Training) & James Potter (Certified CLM Coach)


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