I just received a set of comments from a CLM Coach-in-Training in UAE. I had just reviewed her videos coaching Instructors and wrote her to express how pleased I was by her performance. Following are her comments:

“I am so thankful to Nipa Bhuptani for having brought CLM into my life and to you Vicci for having put together such a wonderful curriculum.

I have been working in the field of special needs for close to 20 years and especially with individuals with Autism and had constantly felt a need to search for a better program and finally with CLM I feel at peace and am confident that my program will definitely benefit my learner. In fact I want EVERY learner and parent to get the opportunity of being guided by the CLM curriculum!

Nipa has been a wonderful guide and mentor as a CLM coach and I hope I can support her in her vision to expand CLM in the UAE region and serve more families.”

Regards, Rekha Warrier living in UAE

Rekha Warrier, UAE

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