Dr. Anne Katona Lynn

Congratulations to Dr. Anne Katona Linn, BCBA, friend of Tucci Learning Solutions and a Competent Learner Model certified coach, on the publication of her new book!

Shedding Lies, Living Beyond Childhood Trauma     

Help us support the work of this inspirational ABA professional by going to The eLearning Store to purchase Dr. Linn’s books. Come back to the eLearning Store after reading this book and her other collaborative work ”Depression Lied to Me” to leave a review and tell us about your experience with these important stories about working through childhood trauma.

Dr. Anne Katona Linn is a compassionate Educational Coach and Leader who has dedicated her career to helping schools and communities develop safe, supportive and positive school climates for children and teachers. She’s received recognition for her expertise in classroom management, school mental health, trauma sensitive systems and special education.

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