Annually San Andreas Regional Center (SARC) recognizes individuals and businesses that they work with by hosting a Service Above Self Award ceremony.

This year, Danielle Chiala from Team Tucci will be receiving the Support Provider of The Year award at an awards banquet on Saturday, November 2nd, 2019 in Campbell, CA.

The recipient of this award demonstrates outstanding performance in providing services to clients. The provider overcomes professional and personal challenges and ensures the client receives the support that they need.

Danielle is the Regional Coordinator for the Santa Cruz region. She stepped up to this position when the region was opened a few years ago. She is leading this fastest growing region and continues to provide direct service, coordination and regional coordinator duties without hesitation with the learners and their families. She is a CLM Certified Coach and a RBT. Danielle also conducts some of the Day 3 trainings across all regions. She is also a mentor coordinator for multiple Coordinators in Training (CooriT).

Numerous glowing responses by colleagues provide an accurate description of Danielle. Some of these state that Danielle is “an amazing instructor and coach.” “You can never tell she is having a bad day. She puts the learner and staff first.” “How can she balance all that she does?” “She easily relates to families and we learn from her all the time.” “Danielle knows the CLM, implements the CLM and is enthusiastic to share it with others. It is contagious!”

Along with her job duties, Danielle currently is studying to become a BCBA through Clarion University.

Danielle joined Team Tucci on June 27th, 2006. Before that she was a classroom teacher and was involved with a district CLM implementation in Hollister.

Our company is privileged to have such amazing dedicated employees like her.



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