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“Dr. Siri Ming, BCBA-D provides excellent exam preparation for potential BCBAs and BCaBAs for Tucci Learning Solutions, Inc. Her knowledge and attention to detail prepare our colleagues to pass the BACB’s exam. I feel confident in recommending Siri’s training and coaching services. She is not only thorough but also easy to work with and always willing to take the time to discuss our colleagues’ concerns and respond to questions. She also delivered a very thorough workshop to our team on relational frame theory, that allowed our staff to take their programming to the next level. Her work is incredible.”

Quote from, by Vicci Tucci, Owner/Founder, Tucci Learning Solutions/Competent Learner Model, Marina, CA.


In the dynamic world of Behavioral Analysis, luminaries emerge, shaping the landscape with their expertise and dedication. Today, we delve into the realm of Siri Ming, BCBA-D, whose journey epitomizes a narrative of collaboration, innovation, and impactful mentorship.

Siri’s voyage began with significant collaborations, notably with Mary Ann Powers and Mark Sundberg, renowned figures in the field. Her tenure alongside them fostered rich experiences, laying the foundation for her subsequent endeavors. Notably, her association with Vicci Tucci and Mary Ann Powers paved the way for her immersion into ncABA, an organization synonymous with excellence in Applied Behavioral Analysis.

Transitioning to Humboldt County marked a pivotal juncture in Siri’s career. It was here that serendipity intertwined her path with Nipa Bhuptani, igniting a synergistic partnership. Their encounter sparked discussions around Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), catalyzing transformative connections within the behavioral analysis community. Siri’s pivotal role in linking Nipa with Vicci underscored her commitment to fostering collaboration and knowledge dissemination.

Central to Siri’s legacy are her pioneering contributions to BCBA exam training modules. These modules, meticulously crafted under her guidance, served as beacons of knowledge for aspiring Behavior Analysts at TUCCi. Siri’s dedication to nurturing talent and sharing insights underscores her ethos of paying it forward within the profession.

Beyond her direct mentorship, Siri’s impact reverberates through her online platform. Her website stands as a testament to her commitment to sharing valuable resources and insights. Notably, her presentation on Relational Frame Theory (RFT) at TUCCi exemplifies her dedication to equipping professionals with cutting-edge knowledge and methodologies.

In the vast landscape of behavioral analysis, Siri Ming’s journey illuminates the essence of collaboration, mentorship, and innovation. Her legacy serves as a guiding light for current and future generations of practitioners, embodying the transformative power of passion and expertise in shaping the future of the field.

As we navigate the ever-evolving terrain of behavioral analysis, let us draw inspiration from the luminaries like Siri Ming, whose tireless efforts continue to enrich and elevate the profession.

Here is a link to the recently published ABAI Blog Post by Dr. Siri Ming, BCBA-D


More about Siri Ming, BCBA-D

Siri Ming & Nipa Bhuptani

Siri Ming and Nipa Bhuptani celebrating their collaboration to form the Autism Support Network.

Siri’s professional journey has been deeply rooted in a commitment to compassionate practice and the continual improvement of the field of behavior analysis. With over 25 years of experience, she has worked extensively with individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities, contributing to various programs and initiatives aimed at supporting their needs.

Siri holds a Ph.D. in Applied Behavior Analysis from the National University of Ireland, under the supervision of Ian Stewart, and a Master’s degree in clinical psychology from the University of Manitoba, supervised by Gary Martin. Her academic training has been complemented by practical experiences, including roles as a behavior analyst for pre-K/elementary age autism programs at Humboldt County Office of Education and Redwood Coast Regional Center.

Throughout her career, Siri has been dedicated to capacity building and mentorship, both through direct training programs and online platforms. She has developed BCBA exam training modules and presented on topics such as Relational Frame Theory (RFT), demonstrating her commitment to sharing knowledge and fostering the growth of the next generation of behavior analysts.

Siri’s values of rigor, compassion, and kindness are evident in her approach to both her work and personal life. She emphasizes the importance of conducting precise analyses and pushing the boundaries of the field, while also recognizing the importance of empathy and understanding in supporting individuals on their unique paths.

Overall, Siri Ming’s journey is characterized by a steadfast dedication to excellence, collaboration, and the advancement of behavior analysis. Through her work, she continues to inspire and empower others to make meaningful contributions to the field, leaving a lasting impact on both practitioners and the individuals they serve.

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