Exciting event at CalABA along with an interesting article by Dr. Andy Lattal.

Please read below the pictures. URL: https://aubreydaniels.com/…/f…/how-not-talk-about-reinforcers

Interesting article by Dr. Andy Lattal about reinforcement on the Aubrey Daniels Institute Blog.

Dr. Lattal is a professor at West Virginia University. He received the Outstanding Contributor Award at CalABA 2015 this past week. It was given to him by Dr. Joyce Tu who is the president of CalABA and a former student of his at WVU.

I finally got to meet him and his lovely wife; Dr. Darnell Lattal She is well respected in the field of Organizational Behavior Management (OBM). She is the Chairwomen of the Board of Directors of Aubrey Daniels International.

Know that Dr. Andy Lattal very much appreciates what we CLMers are doing all around the world with our learners and their parents and educators. A few years ago he nominated me for a lifetime achievement award, which was given to me at WVU. Several of our CLM Colleagues attended the ceremony.

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