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In memoriam, we pay tribute to the exceptional individuals in the field of behavior analysis who have passed away this year. Their dedication and pioneering work have left an indelible impact on both the academic community and the countless lives they’ve touched through their practice.

Thomas Clinton Mawhinney brought significant insights to Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) and dedicated over three decades to education at the University of Detroit Mercy. His legacy in OBM and his editorship at the Journal of Organizational Behavior Management are profound.

Roy A. Moxley was esteemed for his contributions to early childhood education and behavior analysis, enriching the field with his work at West Virginia University and leaving behind a rich tapestry of research and writings that continue to inspire.

Henry S. “Hank” Pennypacker made notable advancements at the University of Florida, especially in precision teaching and the development of behavior analyst certification programs, laying a foundational stone for the field.

Charles Ronald “Ronnie” Detrich’s career was marked by his innovative application of behavior analytic principles in settings such as the Spectrum Center and the Wing Institute, emphasizing the importance of evidence-based education.

Victoria “Vicci” Ann Tucci revolutionized education through the Competent Learner Model (CLM), which has been adopted across the U.S. and internationally, showcasing the global impact of her work.

Travis I. Thompson’s broad work spanned basic behavioral research, developmental disabilities, and autism, influencing numerous disciples and pioneering interdisciplinary research collaborations.

Elizabeth “Lyz” Hughes Fong led the charge in integrating multicultural and cultural competency into behavior analysis, advocating for equity, diversity, and inclusion within the field.

Brian A. Iwata’s research in functional analysis and pediatric feeding disorders at the University of Florida set new standards in the field, mentoring a generation of leaders in behavior analysis.

These luminaries have left us a legacy of innovation, compassion, and dedication to improving lives through the science of ABA.

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