At TUCCi each learner and family are served by a dedicated team. The members of that team generally consist of a BCBA or BCaBA, a Coordinator or Lead Behavior Therapist, and Behavior Technicians. Each team works together to assess the learner and develop a treatment plan. This gives the team the opportunity to engineer unique instructional conditions for EACH learner and their family. Team members fulfill different roles in delivering programming AND each team member is integral to their learner’s success. Being part of the team makes sure everyone is supported to achieve the client goals and no one is left to struggle or problem solve alone. 

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At TUCCi every day includes PLAY. The Competent Learner Model is a play based non coercive framework for the implementation of ABA programming and was developed by Vicci Tucci over the course of her 30 year career. Any member of a team can expect to spend time playing with learners as the 7 core repertoires are developed. One BCBA at TUCCi commented that learners are more willing to stretch and take risks in the context of play and that the learner brings the confidence found in play based skills into other areas of daily life. 

Every day is spent interacting with learners, educating parents and family members, consulting with team members, charting data and revising programming as each learner progresses toward their goals. It is a day spent creating and implementing positive and life changing programs for learners and their families.


The team based treatment approach at Tucci Learning Solutions has collaboration built in. AND collaboration is a value that goes beyond the core learner’s team. Many learners have needs that are addressed by other professionals like physical, occupational and speech therapists. The TUCCi team works with all members of a learner’s extended team. TUCCi team members also coordinate with school based professionals to communicate treatment approaches and shared goals. This collaboration creates a web of common understanding that supports the learner and their family across home school and community settings.


Many of the BCBAs at TUCCi began their careers as Behavior Therapists and found their passion for the work prompted them to continue their ABA education and become Behavior Analysts. On that journey they were supported in class and fieldwork as well as provided with in-house supervision. Behavior Analysts in Training also have the opportunity to incorporate TUCCi’s proprietary framework, The Competent Learner Model into their education.

Not just BCBAs, all TUCCi employees are encouraged to follow their professional curiosities and goals. All TUCCi employees receive ongoing training and support. All employees are valued for their unique contribution. A coordinator who has been with TUCCi for 20 years commented that all of her team members, BTs, Coordinators, and BCBAs are learners, much the same as the clients they serve. Every day is a learning day for all involved.


TUCCi’s Newest RBT

Isabella Vega – Santa Cruz region We are pleased to share the news that Isabella is our newest certified Registered Behavior Technician (RBT). She joined Team TUCCi in March 2023.

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Congratulations Yvonne Su, BCBA

We are pleased to share the news that Yvonne is our newest CLM Certified Coach. Yvonne has demonstrated altruist support and sincere dedication toward her team members since starting at

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Jessica Montoya TUCCi Registered Behavior Technician

Congratulations Jessica Montoya!

Please help us congratulate Jessica on becoming a newly certified Registered Behavior Technician (RBT). She joined Team TUCCi in September 2022. “Thank you so much for the support from BCBA’s

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Jessica katz

Congratulations Jessica Katz!

Congratulations Jessica for completing all of the Coordinator In Training requirements and officially becoming a Coordinator of Services. She joined Team TUCCi in February 2019. “The last few years of

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