Life couldn’t be better if I had never studied in WVU, met my amazing advisor, Dr. Dan Hursh, and not worked with my wonderful boss, Ms. Vicci Tucci.

Trying to accomplish my doctorate as a foreigner in the US was not easy; especially, after being injured in a car accident in the Fall of 2006. In September 2008 to move on from the memories of the accident and work with Ms. Tucci serving learners I started my new life in California. My focus from finishing up my degree changed to working non-stop with my learners and the Tucci teams became my priority in California.

There were many points in time that I considered to just give up my doctorate goal. Fortunately, I have the best and most inspirational, advisor Dr. Dan Hursh, and boss, Vicci Tucci in the world.

Every month when Dr. Hursh visited California to work with us, he always made time to meet with me and check on my progress for my competency products and dissertation. I am also indebted to Vicci for her extraordinary support to my research. I couldn’t have completed my research competency without Vicci’s support organizing the many coordinators assistance with the inter-observer agreement for my research competency, and to use Tucci learners’ and their families for my participants in my dissertation. Because of their endless encouragement, unconditional support, and feedback, I finally continued in my goal to gain a doctoral degree in Educational Psychology. In addition, having a doctoral degree is very critical in order to achieve my long-term goals for promoting Applied Behavior Analysis, Competent Learner Model, and publishing more ABA books in Taiwan.

In the Fall 2014 I was in the last stage of completing my doctorate, and due to his helath my advisor, Dr. Hursh, had resigned from his position as a Chairman in my department. In the beginning I was facing the possibility of having to change my advisor for my dissertation.  Fortunately Dr. Hursh’s condition had stabilized and so he continued to help me through the whole procedure of finishing my dissertation paper and also attended my defense on the phone on 11/21/2014. It was a big and special day for me to pass my defense and achieve my personal goal.

I travelled back to Taiwan in winter 2014 to conduct many presentations about ABA and CLM to parents and educators as usual but this time with my doctoral degree.

Along with my beloved advisor, Dr. Dan Hursh and awesome boss, Ms. Vicci Tucci, I appreciate every person that has been in my life within these last 16 years in the USA. Without so many wonderful friends and colleagues in my life, I would never be who I am now.

Thanks everyone!


Liyu Chen during her presentation in Taiwan.



Liyu signing her ABA book.


Liyu talking about her ABA book and ABA principles to parents and colleagues.


Another exciting book signing opportunity.

Liyu accompanied by the professors of her committee. From left to right: Dr. Mayton Michael, Bobbie Warash, Reagan Curtis, and Liyu Chen.

Liyu accompanied by the professors of her committee. From left to right: Dr. Mayton Michael, Bobbie Warash, Reagan Curtis, and Liyu Chen.


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