Mommy...Move the SunSummary

This memoir is about a family’s journey from the dark side of despair…to the bright side of the sun. Mommy…Move The Sun is about overcoming struggles that range from terrifying to humorous, as they raised their severely disabled daughter, while learning many life lessons along the way. This was written with tears, laughter, and true stubborn grit.

This unique and compelling story can offer hope for other families experiencing the challenges of raising a disabled child.

“The most noble thing you can hope for is that your unborn child dies, and the sooner the better! Pretend you are not pregnant…drink if you want…“Dis-associate yourself with the fetus inside of you. She won’t make it”…smoke if you want, and quit taking prenatal vitamins,” the Dr. said.

The doctors were right about one thing. Nikki does have Tuberous Sclerosis, a rare disease. However, she has so much more! Now at 28 years old, she is our life teacher. She has taught us not to let anyone take hope away, and to never to give up.

The author, mother Jeanine Gould, seeks to provide her severely disabled daughter Nikki, whose name means “God’s angel”, with the individualized care that she needs to lead a safe and happy life. Nourished by her family’s love and support, Nikki survives well beyond doctors’ dismal expectations, but as she grows up her family faces many challenges… from her changing needs to a sometimes callous and disrespectful medical system, a broken insurance system, to a very limited educational system. At times, Jeanine marvels at her daughter’s profound uniqueness, her humor, and uncomplicated love, and at times it seems that raising her will always be a series of dramatic battles for survival. Through trials and triumphs, Jeanie achieves many of her goals for Nikki through vigilant involvement in her life and through creative problem solving.

Thus, the family motto… “We don’t do normal!”

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