Precision Teaching Standard Celeration Chart

Congratulations Anilu Rodriguez, Behavior Analyst in Training at Tucci Learning Solutions for being awarded full tuition scholarship and housing scholarship to attend the Morningside Summer Institute (MSI). Anilu attended the annual training at Morningside Academy from July 17th to August 4th in Seattle, WA. The first two weeks gave the attendees lots of practice on what they learned each day while the third week focused on instructional design of materials. 

The following is Anilu’s recap of this incredible professional development opportunity:

My summer at Morningside Academy was an enriching experience full of people passionate about our field; with a focus of mastery and fluency in learning skills as well as bringing new teaching technologies to practice. On the first day the Morningside Academy was jokingly introduced as the product of a group of psychologists who decided to open up a school because they are continuously updating their methods and curriculum to provide evermore effective instruction. Every day we had opportunities to apply the lecture material in the classroom and hear from engaging lecturers such as Dr. Kent Johnson and Dr. Andrew Bulla. The success of the Morningside Model of Generative Instruction (MMGI) has allowed them to offer an incredibly unique guarantee; new students will make 2 years of improvement in their lowest performing subject… with a 99% success rate! 

Some of the strategies behind their success include the use of component-composite analysis (The analysis is the practice of systematic identification of all precursor skills required for behavior and analysis of their relative current strength or weakness in a learner’s repertoire.) and the Precision Teaching Standard Celeration Chart (A standard graphical display of behavior that shows how behavior changes over time), which amazingly enough is used by students and teachers alike. Using component-composite analysis, they break down complex skills into smaller, more digestible pieces. By teaching each component skill to fluency using frequency timings and Precision Teaching Standard Celeration Charts (SCC), the contingencies strengthen and recruit the generative responding of new complex repertoires in novel settings.

While the MMGI is primarily designed to be implemented in a school setting, we can still apply many of its principles in our sessions to create opportunities for generative responding. I have so many fun ideas I would like to share with you all about combining the Competent Learner Model (CLM)  and the MMGI. There is a long supportive relationship between the two instructional methods. 

I hope we have an opportunity to brainstorm together soon!

Photo, left to right: Kris Melrose, Andrew Kieta, photo of Ogden Lindsley (developed precision teaching & the use of celeration charts), Dr. Kent Johnson & Anilu Rodriguez, Behavior Analyst in Training.

Precision Teaching Standard Celeration Chart



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