Congratulations in advance, for the possible opportunities for CLM to be implemented in China and other countries. I am optimistic that they too will experience the similar benefits of CLM among individuals with autism and other disorders.


To date CLM has helped many of our young students. We have students who have been able to be integrated into mainstream schools after developing the repertoires that CLM promises to achieve. We also have moved some students from CLM programming to other internal classes that use other curricular programming and they are adapting well.


I have spoken with a number of parents who were happy with the improvement of their children’s behavior and ways of communicating. I congratulate you Vicci and your team (e.g., Dr. Cathy Scutta, Christina Lovaas, Rae-Ann Arevalo, Kristen Wood, Maribel Castillo, Liyu Chen, Nipa Bhuptani, and numerous other CLM Colleagues around the world) for the developments happening also within your organization and the standards that you have placed upon the implementing sites. Our team is happy to comply because they know that such standards assure them of good results for the children.

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