Vicci Tucci

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  1. My sincere condolences to the Tucci family and the Tucci Learning family. I am extremely saddened to learn of Vicki’s passing. I am and have been a CLMer for approximately the past 7+ years. I had the amazing fortune to cross paths with Vicki, Cathy Scutta, and CLM several years ago. I will always cherish the opportunities I had to both meet and hang out with Vicki in 2017 at the CLM conference in Harrisburg and at the Precision Teaching conference in St. Petersburg, Florida. I will remember Vicki as a friend, a mentor, and as a passionate and amazing educator who warmly and readily welcomed me into the CLM family. Vicki and CLM has profoundly changed every aspect of my clinical work and I can confidently credit Vicki and the Tucci Learning team with re-igniting my passion for Applied Behavior Analysis, education, and the important work I do every single day. Vicki’s impact will surely be missed, but I am comforted by the fact that her work will continue to ripple across the education sphere and will continue to benefit countless others.

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