We’re excited to share some news about an upcoming workshop at this year’s ABAI conference in Philadelphia presented by our colleagues, Karrie Grama-Hatfield, Qing “Yvonne” Su, and Ana Madrigal. This workshop will focus on incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools into coaching methods to enhance communication and efficiency with team members and stakeholders in ABA settings.

During the workshop, participants will dive into the historical progression of AI, its current applications in instructional coaching, and explore its potential future impacts on workplaces within the educational and social services sectors. They’ll also become familiar with specific AI tools and engage in hands-on practice sessions to successfully apply them to achieve desired outcomes in program delivery.

Topics covered will include strategies for matching AI tools to coaching and training objectives, ethical best practices when using AI, and methods for measuring the effectiveness of chosen AI tools. Through small group activities and personalized feedback, participants will learn how to seamlessly integrate AI tools into their coaching methods.

Presenter Bios

About Karrie Grama-Hatfield, MA, Program Coordinator
Tucci Learning Solutions

As a Program Coordinator for Tucci Learning Solutions, Karrie works as a supportive strategist who builds AMAZING teams, leveraging data and analytics to prioritize growth opportunities, and providing insights to help teams drive strong results. A self-professed data junkie, Karrie uses an outcomes-based approach to achieve learner progress and team growth. She routinely hosts workshops and coaching sessions on Artificial Intelligence  integration and data-informed decision-making for educators and business leaders, bringing fresh, effective solutions to teams. With over two decades of experience in the public education and social services sectors, and a rich background in instructor training and coaching, Karrie specializes in engineering learning environments where all individuals thrive, and helps teams re-imagine their practices to achieve desired outcomes.

Driven by a deep appreciation for the science of Applied Behavior Analysis, Karrie guides teams to explore, question, strategize, and aim for achievement. Are your teams thriving? How do you know? What tools are you using to measure outcomes, and are those tools giving you the information you need to strategize successfully? As a team strategist, Karrie engages teams to determine how to use data successfully – what data to collect, how to organize it, how to make sense of it all, and how to ultimately use it to problem-solve.

Karrie holds a Masters degree in Human Development and Family Studies. She stays actively involved in her community of Fort Collins, Colorado, where she serves on the District Advisory Board for Poudre School District, and the School Accountability Committee for her children’s elementary school. She plays an active role in workforce development, serving on the 2021 Colorado Behavioral Health Workforce Development workgroup, contributing strategic guidance to address workforce shortages, recruitment and retention methods, and workplace equity/diversity, and her strategies were incorporated into Colorado’s Blueprint for Behavioral Health Reform.

Outside of work, Karrie coaches kids’ hoops, cheers on the Denver Nuggets (with a soft spot for the Showtime Lakers she grew up with), and enjoys exploring the vast outdoor activities Fort Collins has to offer with her husband and two children.


About Yvonne Su, BCBA
Tucci Learning Solutions
Yvonne Su has dedicated over five years to engineering  Montessori-inspired educational environments for learners at Tucci Learning Solutions. With a focus on leveraging AI tools to enrich educational experiences, she draws upon Competent Learning Model (CLM) and TAGteach methodologies to tailor interventions for diverse learners aged 2.5 to 22. Yvonne holds  a Master of Education and a Master of Science in Banking and Finance, along with certifications as a Competent Learner Model Coach and American Montessori Institute Certified Primary Teacher. These diverse degrees and certifications demonstrate Yvonne’s strong commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration.
Beyond her professional pursuits, Yvonne harbors a deep-seated passion for exploring the oral histories of individuals from the Republic of China era. In alignment with her values of empathy and compassion, Yvonne actively engages in volunteer initiatives focused on senior care. This commitment reflects her belief in the importance of giving back to the community and supporting those in need.


About Ana Madrigal, RBT
Tucci Learning Solutions
With a professional interest in leveraging AI applications in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Ana Madrigal works as a dedicated Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) with five years of experience at Tucci Learning Solutions (TUCCi). Ana holds an AA in Early Childhood Education from Monterey Peninsula College, and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development and Family Science at California State University of Monterey Bay. Ana aspires to advance in the field of ABA, potentially pursuing a BCaBA certification, buoyed by invaluable mentorship at TUCCi. Eager to broaden horizons, Ana actively seeks opportunities to contribute to conferences and support fellow professionals in presentations, aiming to enhance her expertise and overall effectiveness as an RBT.

Beyond work, Ana finds solace in nature through hiking, cherishes family time, and devotes personal time to self-improvement and academic pursuits.









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