Laura Dietz (Mother of Lily Dietz) posted these comments below about her daughter success with regards to the Competent Learner Model. Nipa Bhuptani is the Certified CLM Coach and TUCCi’s Regional Associate for UAE.

“We have had a very busy and exciting few weeks. Here are some of the highlights:

– Lily started Redwood Montesorri school 3 days per week and is doing brilliantly, making new friends and enjoying English, French, and Arabic circle time!
– Lily advanced and is now on CLM lesson 6 in just 3 short months!
– In the past two days for the first time ever Lily will use her voice to respond when prompted to “Lily say Shhhh, Mmm, Dddd, and Ooo” this is really amazing for her and we are so excited.
– We went to the zoo and rode a camel wink emotion.
– Yesterday at pony club, lily observed other children painting. She then picked up a brush a copied them!! This is huge. Imitation is such a struggle for a lot of children with autism. It can take them hundreds of repetitions to master these tasks so it was great to see her learning from others so smoothly.

We are grateful for this girl and this journey.We have been thrilled with the progress Lily has made with CLM. It is such a well thought through curriculum and I genuinely don’t know where we would be without it, Nipa and Daisy her therapist. It has really transformed Lily and it is such a joy to watch her develop a personality and enjoy interacting with our family and her friends.

The transformation in such a short space of time has been absolutely incredible – its a testament to the programme and the dedication of her therapy team. Thanks again for everything you do on behalf of families and those with Autism. You have changed our lives for the better and we are very optimistic for Lily and her future. Best wishes, Laura Deitz”

Lily Dietz


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