The Competent Learner Model (CLM) is a multi-component, research validated, instructional package containing solutions for solving the major problems faced by educators and parents of children with autism and other significant learning challenges.

The Problems

We know that educators and parents struggle with making important, meaningful progress with the increasing numbers of learners who have autism and other significant learning challenges…sometimes they don’t know where or how to begin.

We know that multidisciplinary professionals working to achieve results for learners with autism and other significant learning challenges often do not work together….they may have competing goals and use  instructional methodologies that contradict each other’s work.

We know that even if teams learn how to implement evidence validated instructional practices, sustaining those practices is often problematic.

The CLM implementation tools provide the replicable steps needed to learn, utilize, extend and innovate with research validated instructional practices.

The CLM Solutions

The CLM Learner Assessments provide the tool needed for Teams to quickly understand the learners’ strengths and challenges and formulate an intervention plan.

The CLM Curriculum provides a tool of carefully organized scope and sequence of skills. This curriculum provides the tool needed for Teams to know what to teach and how to teach it.

The CLM Staff Training and coaching components provide tools needed for teams to speak a common language, agree on a basic methodology and work collaboratively together to achieve important meaningful progress for learners.

Why Act Now

Not only is it our job to educate learners with autism and other significant learning challenges, it is the moral imperative of our time to provide research validated instructional practices that will have the most momentous impact on their lives…every learner has the civil right to be taught skills that will have great utility throughout their lives.

The CLM is the only multi-component package that has the solutions you need to achieve important and meaningful progress for all learners..

What’s Needed to Implement CLM

  • A Team that wants to learn research validated instructional practices.
  • Administrative and parental leadership supporting collaboration and change.
  • A certified CLM Coach.

CLM Implementation Tools

The CLM Implementation tools provide the replicable steps needed to learn, utilize, extend, and innovate with research validated instructional practices.

Course of Study for Instructors



  Curriculum for Learners







Funding Options 

  • Vendorized through San Andreas Regional Center
  • TUCCi is an in-network provider for most major insurers
  • School districts/programs in California (i.e., Monterey, San Benito, Santa Clara, and Los Angeles counties), Paris, and across Pennsylvania, and Virginia
  • Private pay

“The Competent Learner Model, which came to the school in January 2012, helps students with cognitive, physical, developmental and medical disabilities develop skills that not only foster academic success, but also success in daily life.” 

Kim Walter (VA Reporter) 2013

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