history of the competent learner model

Vicci Tucci’s professional career in California began in the city of Manteca before moving to the Monterey, CA area to begin work with the teachers at the Monterey County Office of Education in the mid-1980s. 

The Special Education administrator at the time was Michele Saleh. Vicci and Michele hit it off professionally and built a solid, respectful partnership that stood the test of time.

For a comprehensive insight into their shared history, view the initial nine minutes of this video, where Vicci and Michele reminisce about their enduring partnership. Michele wholeheartedly championed the Competent Learner Model (CLM), while Vicci, as an instructional coach, provided in-person guidance and support to the classroom personnel, ensuring the mastery of CLM principles.

During this time, Vicci realized that there was a need to develop a CLM curriculum that would incorporate what she had learned about non-coercive practices through positive reinforcement. This CLM curriculum centers on nurturing essential skills for learners, enabling their active engagement in the learning process by incorporating highly preferred stimuli, activities, and interactions with people.

After her retirement from the Monterey County Office of Education, Michele made the momentous decision to join Tucci Learning Solutions (TUCCi) as a Co-Program Coordinator for Early Start Services. In this capacity, Michele has partnered closely with colleague, Co-Program Coordinator Kimi Villabolos, to establish and steadfastly co-administer the Early Start program at TUCCi, contributing significantly to its ongoing success.


Vicci Tucci, BCBA and developer of the Competent Learner Model and Michele Saleh, MA CCC


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