Tucci Learning Solution’s Spring Sparkle Party was a fun evening of great food, remembrance of our company’s history and employee recognitions. Team TUCCi laughed, danced, cheered one another on and truly represented the best of what our company is all about. 

Thank you to everyone who attended and for those who submitted video messages as part of the evening.

At the heart of the evening’s program was recognition of the Competent Learner Model Coaches and Coaches in Training. Congratulations to (l-r) Dingxin Jia, Yvonne Su, Rae-Ann Arevalo (Certified Competent Learner Model Coach), Jessie Wang, Ismael Casillas as well as Liyu Chen, BCBA-D.

Liyu Chen also was the recipient of the Vicci Tucci Legacy award, which serves to recognize a member of the TUCCi Family of Companies who demonstrates leadership, dedication and acts in support of the dissemination of the Competent Learner Model both nationally and internationally. Liyu has dedicated many hours to studying the Competent Learner Model and will soon become a CLM Certified Coordinator while getting her doctorate degree in Applied Behavior Analysis.

Liyu Chen, BCBA-D

The Competent Learner Model has as its motto “PLAY – LEARN – ACHIEVE” and the TUCCi Spring Sparkle Party was truly an evening about playing, learning & achieving!

Kristen Wood, Jessie Wang & Liyu Chen

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