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In preparation for the 2024 ABAI conference I am writing to highlight the Behavior Development Special Interest Group, (DEV) SIG of which I am a member. Below you will find excerpts from this SIG’s website as well as a link to the ABAI DEV SIG membership page.

A majority of the CEUs available on the eLearning Store are drawn from the Gladys Williams International Scientist Practitioner Forum which features the work of many major figures in the world of Applied Behavior Analysis. Dr. Gladys Williams is also the chair of the Behavioral Development Special Interest Group.

We invite you to join the ABAI Behavior Development Special Interest Group and look forward to expanding our membership and opportunities for collaborative engagement with you, our valued colleague.

The Behavior Development Special Interest Group’s Membership

The DEV SIG’s membership includes faculty, students, and practitioners, many of whom are also members of other SIGs (e.g., Autism, Verbal Behavior) and are interested in the DEV SIG’s mission, conference program, and discussions. Our SIG has 80 current members. We have a large international presence, with countries including Norway, Germany, Mexico, Italy, Spain, China, Korea, UK, Bosnia, Canada, and France represented. One primary focus of the upcoming year will be growing our membership. Students from programs affiliated with the SIG and others whose interests align with our mission will be encouraged to join.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Behavioral Development Special Interest Group (DEV) SIG is to promote an operant and respondent perspective to developmental research and practice in academic and applied settings, as well as in the formation of Federal and State Laws and regulations on the provision of Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP) in educational and social welfare settings.


Therefore, our goal is to bring behavior analysis to the wider world of child psychology and learning, comparative psychology, adult development and gerontology, sociobiology, education, behavioral economics, developmental disabilities and autism, and language development, among other fields. We do so by incorporating theories and findings from other areas into our own research model and empirical findings, and by bringing professionals from outside traditional behavior analysis, including developmental psychology, to ABAI events and forming collaborations with synergistic effects.


The DEV SIG is represented in the ABAI annual convention program in the area of Human Development (DEV) and boasts perhaps the widest variety of research of any area. The SIG represents the long history of innovations in behavior analysis and identification of conceptual underpinnings, including the intercept between language and development, from infancy to adulthood. A recent focus has been research in verbal behavior that has indicated sources for the development of behavioral cusps and derived relations. Examples of research in the DEV area include the identification of critical verbal behavior developmental cusps and establishing them when they are missing (e.g., observing responses such as eye contact, social referencing, joint attention); establishing academic skills such as reading; assisting individuals at all stages of life learn self-help and leisure skills; stage theories of development; and much more.

From Dr. Gladys Williams, Chair of the Behavior Development Special Interest Group:

The SIG promotes behavior analytic empirical and conceptual analyses of issues related to behavioral development, and it encourages examination of how methodological and theoretical positions outside behavior analysis approach these issues empirically and conceptually. These kinds of analyses have often dealt with complex kinds of behavior such as verbal behavior development, stimulus equivalence, relational frames, and problem solving, as well as normal and problematic behaviors in social interactions, as well as the historical bases of behaviorism and behavior analysis as basic science and applied practice.



Link to ABAI Behavior Development Special Interest Group Website:
(please don’t use the membership buttons on this page; instead use the link below to join)

Link to join:


Thank you very much for supporting our work on the special interest group for behavior development under the auspices of ABAI.


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  1. I highly recommend what Vicci Tucci spearheads as I have worked for her as an SLP in Salinas, CA. I greatly learned from my trained co-workers during co-therapy with 2 year olds as well as while working with TUCCI behavior specialists at the high school level.
    I was so thankful for their expertise with my students with Autism. Can’t say enough positive remarks about Tucci Learning and how effective this program is. Thank you Vicci Tucci for the amazing behavioral program you have developed to assist Learners and School Students how to manage their behaviors during academic and communication activities as well as while in their homes and communities!

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