Lynwood CLM Team

We are the driving force that helps our kids become successful learners. We are dedicated, passionate and committed. I have never been so proud of the excellence that comes from cooperation from our teams. You go CLM!! Making a difference in the City of Lynwood for our students with special needs!!! Virtually tagging Abigail, Isela, Noraima — with Josefina Gudino, Kristine Godoy, Rebeca Becky, Lidia Gomez, Xavier Picazzo, Angel Chavez, Vicci Tucci, Christy Lung, Mitchell Martinez, and Justyn Brisbon. Plus TUCCi’s CLM Coaches: Christina Lovaas, Michelle Hill, Jane Kim, Tony Catalano, Rico Lopez, and Logan Shankle.

We are so proud of the CLMers at Lynwood Unified School District in Lynwood CA. They presented outstanding CLM Case Studies on April 30.

Thank you Esmeralda Perez-Rodas, CLM Coach-in-Training, for sharing these photos of the fabulous CLM Case Review by the four CLM Teams from Lynwood Unified School District in Lynwood CA.


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  1. Hey Lynwood CLM Team,

    I am so proud of all of you! You all are doing such fabulous things for your learners! Love ya, Vicci

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