CLM is coming to Virginia and here are the coaches from the Shenandoah Valley Regional Program who are making it all happen. Special kudos to Judy Sorrell the Program Director and Cathy Scutta the CLM Certified Coach. We are so impressed with ALL their progress. Soon the CLM will be throughout the state of Virginia. We are so proud of their efforts. Congratulations to the CLM Team in Virginia!!!


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  1. Dear CLM Shenandoah,

    We are so pleased you are in Virginia! We send a special greeting to Cathy Scutta. Do you have therapists who service Fairfax and/or Alexandria Virginia? We have a 10 year old girl finishing 4th grade who needs services. We know the CLM from Monterey County, California. Our daughter Julia was in the program there as a 3 year old!


    Cynthia Weinand

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